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  1. What is Nissan SmartCar?

    It is a new technological feature that is consisted of hardware and software connected between Nissan cars and a mobile app helps the end user to have more control over their vehicle, where it offers several notification services, monitoring systems, and other convenience features.

  2. What are the features of Nissan SmartCar?

    Nissan SmartCar consists of many features, all to serve the customer's benefit. Such as:

    • Remote Engine start to warm up the engine and either cool or warm the cabin based on previous A/C setting.
    • Lock/unlock the vehicle.
    • Blink; where the vehicle horns and blinks 3 times as to notify the user on the location of the car around a parking area.
    • Timeline; to view the vehicle's history of driving routes, all executed commands, and driving behavior.
    • Notification; over speeding gyofencing hit/bump.
    • Notify the user if the car has been hit or bumped.
    • Remind the user when is the next maintenance schedule and the closest service center.
  3. Is the Nissan SmartCar Systemimited to the current features?

    No, at Nissan, we are always exploring new ideas and researching new options that will add value to our customers. Within the coming months new features will be incorporated in Nissan SmartCar.

  4. For how long will the Nissan SmartCar service be available on my Car?

    The standard offered service subscription is free of charge for the initial 1 to 3 years from date of vehicle purchase depending on the model. For Nissan Patrol and Maxima model year 2016, the standard subscription is 3 years.

  5. What is the cost of renewal for the service subscription after the standard offered period?

    The service renewal packages are based on an annual subscription as follows:

    • 1 year subscription extension AED 1,200
    • 2 year subscription extension AED 2,100
    • 3 year subscription extension AED 2,900
  6. What happens if I sell my car before or after the subscription expires?

    • In case the ubscription expires, the new user needs to renew the service by visiting any of Nissan showrooms (check question 5 for prices)> and the new user needs to transfer the subscription to their account (mobile phone). Click here for instructions on how to enroll in the service.
    • In case the subscription did not expire, the new user only needs to transfer the remaining of the subscription into his account (mobile phone). Click here for instructions on how to enroll into the service.
  7. Why is this app only available in Nissan Patrol and Maxima?

    Today we bring the App as a standard feature on the flagship SUV and Sedan and shortly it will be introduced on GTR, and in the future we have plans to expand to most of Nissan line-up

  8. Can this technology be installed in pre-owned cars or is it purely exclusive for brand new cars?

    The technology can be installed on Patrol vehicles from MY10 and beyond as an accessory and will soon be made available across Nissan Network

  9. Is the system covered under the vehicle warranty?

    Nissan Smartcar system is covered under the regular vehicle warranty.

  10. Will the price of the car increase because of this feature?

    No, today the feature is a standard feature on Maxima and Patrol MY16

  11. Does this app work on from any were in the world?

    Yes you can access and utilize all the app function through your phone from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connectivity, however the service will not work outside the country where the vehicle has been sold in. if the car leaves the market it is sold in the vehicle will go offline and can no longer be accessed using your hand held device until the cars return.

  12. Is this app available to download on apple, android and windows devices?

    The app is available for Apple and Android

  13. Can this app be installed on more than one device for the same user (e.g. iPhone, Samsung )?

    Yes, you can install it on up to 3 devices per vehicle

  14. Can the same app control more than one car (if the customer owns a Patrol and Maxima)?

    Yes, but the customer has to switch the user in the mobile app.

  15. How does this app work exactly? How is it connected to the car?

    The technology has a number of components, first there is the hardware device that has been exclusively designed for Nissan vehicles which is a plug and play solution... this allows the vehicle to be connected through a highly secured VPN network which utilizes Machine-2-Machine (M2M) technology that is provided and supported by Etisalat through their state of the art command centre.

  16. How secure is this app? How can you make sure that it can't be hacked by other users?

    The technology used to connect to your car is the same used for ATM banking machines in the region and each user has a unique 6 digit PIN number to access the application, with connectivity done through a highly secured VPN network which utilizes Machine-2-Machine (M2M) technology that is provided and supported by telecom provider partner through their state of the art command centre. The backend of the system is highly secured security protocols (as SSL and TLS) utilizing complex encryption protocols at every level of the systems operating platform.

  17. What happens if the user faces any technical difficulties with the app? What should the customer do and whom shall he contact?

    The system has gone through rigid testing and development and is designed in a way that does not allow the application to override the physical commands by the driver or user. However if the customer should face any technical difficulties with the app he should contact our dedicated tech support line which is available through the app.

  18. When will this app be available across the region?

    We have plans to expand across the region, however this involves a lot of coordination and discussion with the Network provider as well at the concerned authorities in each market. For more information on Nissan SmartCar availability in your market, please contact your closed showroom.

  19. Will the app be available on other models in the future?

    Yes, the Nissan Smartcar car app will be available on other models in the future.

  20. How can I locate the VIN number on my vehicle?

    The easiest way to find the VIN number is by viewing the car registration documents, or at the vehicle's door jamb.

  21. Can I use SmartCar in areas where there is limited connectivity or no connectivity normally?

    SmartCar requires GPS/GPRS connectivity on your vehicle and your smartphone. With no connection, the system will not work.